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Physical Fitness Prepping for a Bug Out Scenario

A bug out scenario isn’t the time to be huffing and puffing and lagging behind because you’re not physically prepared for the demand on your body. The time to get ready for the strength that you’re going to need is before you’re called on to need it.

You have to get physically fit – and that doesn’t mean you need to get your body to the point where it’s in fitness magazine cover readiness. It means that you have to have the stamina to be able to do whatever is physically necessary for your survival.

If you get everything together that you need – like all your supplies – you have your bug out bag ready to go, all your vehicles fueled up and you have your location maps on hand – but you can barely walk to the top of a hill, then you might not survive the chaos.

Cardio Will Increase Your Strength and Stamina for A Bug Out Scenario

In the midst of all your preparation, don’t forget to prepare your body. You can do that by doing cardio right now – like running, walking, biking, swimming, or working out using cardio machines at home or at the gym.

The goal is to get your heart used to the raised level and the demand that the physical exercise puts on your whole body. You don’t have to have tons of muscles in order to bug out.

But if your muscles have the strength of wet spaghetti noodles, you won’t be able to handle what’s coming your way. It would be a sad thing to get prepared and then fail because you couldn’t hack the physical demands.

Work your body out using weights. Build those core muscles, your leg muscles and your arm muscles. You’re going to be moving fast, be more active and you’ll carry heavy items for longer than you ever did before a bug out scenario.

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Lock in a good workout program that includes weights and cardio exercises.

You need to be able to go the distance. You should start now running up hills. This step in your bug out plan could keep you from getting swallowed up in a panicked crowd. If you start where you are, but gradually increase your stamina, then when the time comes, you’ll be able to make it.

Daily Physical Training Is Necessary to Keep Your Body Conditioned for A Bug Out Event

Your body will be conditioned to stand up to the demands placed on it. Think about all the things that you’re going to face when you’re in a bug out scenario – possible long treks, hiking up hills or mountains, wading through water, and setting up shelter.

Look for exercise that will build those muscles. Walk now to increase your stamina. Push yourself to walk a longer distance than you did the week before. When you get used to walking before a bug out situation, it won’t be as hard on you when it happens.

Don’t just walk on smooth terrain, either. Pick hard routes to walk. Keep in mind that if you choose to walk or run before a bug out, it will be different during a bug out because you’ll have the additional weight of your supplies. Increase your strength now by working out with the weights that are equivalent to the weight of your bug out bag and supplies.

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